The Broad strokes

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Course Description

In this course, students will create a variety of color and value studies, these are small paintings and sketches focused on exploring and organizing the values and colors found in nature and accurately transcribing them.  This skill is essential when drawing or painting realism. We will be working on many small projects aimed at improving students critical eye as well as their ability to quickly and accurately arrange a composition with a good sense of values and color hierarchies.

Students will start with line drawings as we discuss measuring techniques and how to accurately capture proportions. We will then work with black and white charcoal drawings on toned paper to introduce students to values, edges and the basics of composition. From there we will progress to limited pallet and full pallet color studies, using oil paint, as we discuss the fundamentals of painting as well as the specifics of temperature and color. During the final 2 sessions of the course we will discuss figure drawing, figure painting, and portraiture.

We will work from classical casts, still lives, and master works as we discuss these underlying principals of drawing and painting. Student will learn how to confidently KEY their values and create realistic light effects, how to organize and mix oil paint, and be introduced to a systematic method for mixing realistic flesh tones.


Septemer 9th - October 1st

Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-5pm.

This course is $350

We believe that art classes are more fun when shared with a friend, bring a friend who has not taken one of our courses before and you will both receive a %20 discount off of the listed workshop price. 

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Even after getting my Art B.A. I still learned a lot that I wouldn’t have at a university.
— Ethan Ching, Student
Absolutely phenomenal!!! Each of the instructors had resources that I learned from. Very powerful.
— Anne Domenech, Student