Landscape Painting Workshop

April 15th - May 13th

Fridays 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Course Description

This course will cover an introduction to landscape painting. Landscape painting combines a number of different artistic elements. One must have a good understanding of drawing, an ability to see value patterns and relationships, create interesting compositions, organize color and tonal relationships, and be able to develop a sense of space or atmosphere in their work. 

 Students will first study paintings of other well known landscape painters to learn about compositional elements as well as color mixing and design. We will then be venturing out to various locations around the island to paint from life. Students will learn how to organize values and color hierarchies, learn a step by step approach to landscape painting, learn how to mix oil paint effectively and organize ones pallet. Through lectures, live demonstrations and one-on-one critiques, students of all skill levels will be given the tools for creating a strong foundation in landscape painting with oil paint. 


  • Brushes (a variety of sizes and shapes. I often use filbert brushes, Signet brand)
  • Pallet knife
  • Turpentine
  • Refined linseed oil
  • Medium cups (small cups for holding painting medium)
  • Brush cleaner jar.
  • Pallet, preferably glass or wood
  • A plain air easel 
  • Paper towels
  • A large hat
  • Bug spray and sun screen
  • Must have your own transportation or are able to carpool with another student
  • 6 Pre-primed canvas or panels between 9x12" and 10x14"
  • Paint
  •             Titanium white
  •             Cadmium Yellow l
  •             Naples yellow light
  •             Yellow Ocher
  •             Vermillion
  •             Alizarin crimson
  •             Ivory black
  •             Cobalt blue
  •             Cerulean blue
  •             Ultramarine blue
  •             Raw umber           
  • An active desire to learn



This course is $314.16 

We believe that art is more fun when shared with a friend, bring a friend who has not taken one of our courses before and you will both receive a %20 discount off of the listed workshop price. 


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Limited availability.


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