Materials list:

Drawing materials

  • Charcoal sticks: “Nitram” charcoal sticks. You can purchase boxes of these at the Windward Community College bookstore, or you can purchase individual charcoal sticks from ZAFA. We will need B, HB, and H charcoal sticks. B, HB, and H refer to the hardness of charcoal. B is the softest. H is the hardest.

  • Toned grey paper: Canson pastel paper works great for charcoal drawing. You can purchase 18x24” single sheets of this on the second floor of Hawaiian Graphics art supply store. You want the lightest value grey paper. One sheet should be sufficient for the purposes of this workshop.

  • White chalk pencil: “Conte a paris” is the brand I recommend. It is a good blend of easy to erase, but also very light in value. I usually buy this in pencil form, though it is also sold as a conte stick. In the store, it looks like an orange pencil with a white lead.

  • Kneaded eraser: Best type of drawing eraser.

  • Drawing pencil: HB drawing pencil

  • Sketchbook: For taking notes and making sketches of still life compositions

Painting materials

  • Brushes: assorted sizes of filbert (a shape of brush) brushes, from small to about an inch wide. “Signet” is a good brush brand. You want oil painting brushes rather than watercolor brushes.

  • Pallet knife: Pallet knife shapes are a matter of personal preference for each artist. I prefer one with a long rectangular blade (about 3 or 4 inches), which allows me to move more paint quickly and efficiently.

  • Pallet: The bigger the better. Wood is best, followed by glass, then plastic, then paper. In my opinion, ZAFA makes the best wooden pallets. To inquire about purchasing a ZAFA pallet, e-mail ZAFA at

  • Medium cup: This is a small, sealable container for holding painting medium for use while painting.

  • Brush cleaning jar: Sealable jar for holding turpentine or turpenoid for the first stage of cleaning brushes.

  • Painting panel: Canvas panel to paint on. 5, Fredrix brand canvas panels. 4 of them should be 8x10 inches. The last one will be for your final still life project and may be larger if you wish. I recommend not going bigger than 14x18".

  • Turpenoid: Odorless paint solvent similar to turpentine. Use for cleaning brushes as well as used to mix painting medium

  • Refined linseed oil: Used for painting medium.

  • Comfortable shoes:


There are many paint oil brands to choose from, with a wide range in prices. “Winton” brand paint would work fine for this class. Sometimes people ask for a recommendation for high end paint. If you are interested in a more high quality paint, I would recommend “Michael Harding” or “Old Holland”.

  • Titanium white

  • Raw umber

  • Cadmium yellow light

  • Yellow Ocher

  • Vermilion red (regular or hue is fine)

  • Alizarin crimson

  • Cobalt blue

  • Ivory black