Overcoming the challenges of figure painting

A painting workshop


Course Description

This workshop will be a complimentary course to the open Friday Morning Model Sessions held in the mornings each week. In the afternoon, the workshop will focus on the challenges figure and portrait painting present. This will include accurate color mixing techniques, temperature organization, value organization to create form, and tools to improve the linear drawing of a figure.

In this afternoon workshop, we will primarily be working with masterworks and still life objects as we create color and value studies in order to discuss flesh tones and value hierarchies. Towards the end of the workshop, we will also work with live portrait and figure models.

We will be doing a number of one day projects designed to address different elements of accurately painting the figure or portrait.


A systematic approach to figure drawing

Monochromatic value studies of master works

Grisaille temperature studies of still life objects

Limited pallet color studies of master works

Full pallet color studies of still life objects

Full pallet color studies of master works

Full pallet color studies of a live portrait model

Full pallet one day figure painting

I encourage students signing up for this class to also join the Friday Morning Model Sessions that will be going on earlier in the day. As the class progresses, I will be happy to give you feedback during the open model sessions on topics we have been discussing in the afternoon classes.


In addition to teaching the workshop, William will also be doing the projects alongside the class as a running demo for students to reference. 


October 5th- November 23rd

Friday afternoons 1:00 - 4:00 PM

This Workshop is $350

We believe that art classes are more fun when shared with a friend. Bring a friend who has not taken one of our courses before and you will both receive a %15 discount off of the listed workshop price. 

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I appreciated the carefully planed lessons, the individual attention and tutoring, and the expertise of the instructor.
I would recommend this class to anyone serious about painting.
— Roben M. , Broad Strokes drawing and painting student
I will be encouraging the artists I know to come learn from you.
— Wendy R. , Maser copy painting workshop student
This class is great for individual guidance and has a good working environment.
— Colin O. , Advanced still life painting student
It’s always fun taking William’s classes. He’s very good at explaining and breaking things down into easy to follow steps. I also like that he paints alongside us. It’s a good way to demonstrate concepts to students.
— Alison B. , Advanced still life painting student

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