Private drawing and painting lessons



Private lessons are geared around what the student feels they need work on. Often private lessons consist of small projects focused on improving one area or another of a student’s understanding of the principals of drawing and painting. i.e  drawing proportional accuracy, understanding values and value organization, color mixing and oil painting, color studies, compositional studies, portraiture, figure drawing and painting… etc. 

After the initial consultation, a custom lesson plan is created for each student based on their skill level and desired focus of study. 

Students may also bring in projects they are working on independently for critiques and help solving problems. 

Often students sign up for a 2 hour sessions, once a week.  



Private lessons can be purchases in several different bundles and packages.

Each private lesson is 2 hours in length.

1 private lesson - $120

Bundle of 5 private lessons $480 (5 private lessons for the price of 4)

Bundle of 13 private lessons $1,200 (13 private lessons for the price of 10)


To inquire about, and sign up for private lessons please fill out the form below.

Limited availability.

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