Workshop Package 

The workshops ZAFA offers throughout the academic year are organized in such a way that they build off one another. The semester starts with introductory and mid level drawing and painting courses and steadily builds to full pallet, more advanced portrait and figure painting workshops.

Each workshop introduces another key element in learning how to paint confidently and accurately form life and builds on what was learned in previous workshops.

Drawing is one of the most important and challenging skills to learn as a fine artist. Workshops are primarily broken up into 2 categories, drawing workshops or painting ones. Drawing workshops focus more on structural anatomy, introducing students to the sight size technique, value organization and edge control as well as creating form though examining light shapes and shadow shapes. Painting workshop build upon these ideas while adding the challenges of color mixing, temperature control, and paint application. 

"It is possible to be a great draftsman and a lousy painter, but it near impossible to be a great painter of realism and lousy draftsman" 

                         -William Zwick

Package deals give students the ability to group together workshops they are interested in and create a custom lesson plan for themselves based on what they wish to focus on.  

For example, a student interested in improving their figurative work could link together the Introduction to figure drawing workshop, Color and value studies, and introduction to figure painting workshops to gain a comprehensive understanding of figurative drawing and painting.  Or a student interested in portraiture could link the Master copy workshop, Portrait drawing workshop and Portrait painting together. 

Learning classical realism takes dedication, focus and lots of practice. These package deals are intended to give people access to more workshops while keeping the price down. 


  • Sign up for 1 workshop and get %10 of a second
  • Sign up for 2 workshop and get the 3rd at half price
  • Sing up for 4 and get the 5th free

 To design a package deal for yourself or to receive more information,  please contact us via e-mail or phone, or fill out the contact form below.


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