Over the past seven years in Hawaii, ZAFA has worked to offer students the highest level of instruction in classical drawing and painting.

Through workshops, lectures and private lessons, ZAFA provides a place where students have access to traditional techniques and straight forward, systematic methods of approach to classical realism.

We aim to teach the underlying principals of drawing and painting in a clear and concise way that is easy to understand, laying a strong foundation for students of all skill levels to build upon and continue to improve there skills in drawing and painting.  We feel that these underlying principals transcend medium or subject matter and are essential tools for any student interested in furthering their art.


The teachers at Zwick Academy have been trained and taught at the highest level of academic realism at the Florence Academy of Art, one of the top ranked schools for academic drawing and painting in the world. Through live demonstrations, lectures and personalized critiques, we wish to guide students along the path to becoming professional painters of realism.

Technique and Teaching Practices

Workshops are based upon a systematic progression from copying works by old masters, drawing plaster sculptures, figure drawing, painting, still life and portraiture. Each class is structured in such a way that students are able work at their own pace and benefit from one-on-one instruction focused on the areas they need improvement in. This cumulative learning process and individualized course schedule insures that students have a strong foundation on which to build their skills and are not overwhelmed as projects and concept become more challenging. This also allows students of all ages and skill levels to work alongside one another in a class without anyone feeling left behind or held back. 

Through the courses offered here, students are encouraged to first become proficient with proportion, gesture, form, value and a high level of craftsmanship and accuracy. After mastering these skills, they move onto the challenges painting provides, such as temperature variation, color values, and the challenges of using paint as a medium.

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