Materials list for portrait drawing and painting:

What you will need on day 1

  • Nitram charcoal H, HB, B (Nitram is the brand name of the charcoal. On island, it is only found at the Windward Community College bookstore in Kaneohe )

  • White chalk pencil ("Le Blanc" is a good brand)

  • Gray toned drawing paper, ("Canson" is a pastel paper brand that works well for charcoal drawing. Light grey is the preferred color)

  • HB drawing pencil

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Masking tape

  • Sketchbook for taking notes in

  • 3 ring binder for keeping handouts (optional)

  • Comfortable shoes


What you will need starting week 4

  • Paint brushes. Assorted sizes, "filbert" brush shape ("signet" is the brand of brush I use)

  • Terpenoid

  • Sealable gar for storing brush cleaner or medium

  • Refined linseed oil

  • Medium cups (small containers used for holding already mixed painting medium)

  • Pallet (the bigger the pallet the better. Wood pallets are best, followed by glass, then plastic, then paper. Try to avoid white pallets). ZAFA sells wooden pallets. If you are interested in ZAFA brand pallets, contact William at (808) 938-3861

  • Pallet knife (each artist has their own preference of pallet knife shape. Personally, I prefer the long, rectangular pallet knives)

  • Canvas panels (we will discuss sizes in class)

  • Paint

    • Titanium white

    • Cadmium yellow light

    • Yellow ocher

    • Vermilion (red)

    • Alizarine crimson

    • Ivory black

    • Cobalt blue

    • Raw umber